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Even a small contribution,
can make a huge difference. Thanks.






The people who are taking care of Villa Verdi are the heirs of the Maestro who, thanks only to their personal contributions , have managed to keep its ancient splendor unchanged.

The recent Covid-19 epidemic, added to the total absence of state contributions, caused the closure of Villa Verdi to the public for a very long time, even after lockdown.


The Villa needs urgent restorations and the unexpected absence of visitors risks leading to the definitive closure of a unique place that makes us understand the soul of the best known Italian composer in the world, still now the most represented and loved in all theaters in the world.





The restoration project of the Villa foresees a path of different interventions both inside and outside.
The total cost of the restoration is quite high and for this reason we decided to tackle it a little at a time with the hope of being able to collect what is needed to complete it, giving priority to the emergencies that have arisen.


Even a small contribution,
can make a huge difference. Thanks.

MUSEUM OPENING - to be able to keep open after this lockdown, we need liquidity to face fixed expenses and pay the salary to our five employees. 


RED LIVING ROOM - In this living room the Maestro received few selected guests such as the librettists Francesco Maria Piave or Arrigo Boito, painters of the caliber of the Palizzi or Boldini brothers, the Ricordi publisher or the aristocrats Andrea and his wife Claretta Maffei.

Here they discussed many things besides music; we are talking about the Risorgimento period when "VIVA VERDI" was shouted on the street, as the acronym for Viva Vittorio Emanuele, king of Italy.


The infiltration of water from the ceiling, caused by an overhanging terrace, is ruining this important room with humidity. Estimated price for the restoration about € 10,000.00


ROOF - Important restoration works also for the roof of the carriages which is risking collapse € 55,000.00


STRUCTURE - Painting of an external part of the house € 20,000.00

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