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"Giuseppe Verdi has done a lot for Italy and the Italians, now it's the time to give back and to do something to help the preservation of Villa Verdi"

- Gianmaria Aliverta, Opera director

"Donate to still be able to enter into a piece of life and history of Giuseppe Verdi, a universal protagonist of history, and a great Italian"

- Pier Franco Quaglieri, scholar of the history of the Risorgimento

"A supreme playwright and musician who has known how to regenerate himself. [...] Every of his works is a color, a melting pot of characters."

- Attilio Piovano, musicologist and music historian

"A place of composition and music, but also of Risorgimento and where Italy was united"

- Gianni Oliva, historian

"Italy is also Giuseppe Verdi, and Villa Verdi is its architectural symbol and must be preserved. [...] because the culture of Italy is above all the culture of generous Italians"

- Guido Barosio, Director of Torino Magazine and Pannunzio World

"Verdi is Inspiration for the whole Arts, for our teachers and students"

- Paola Gribaudo, President of the Albertina Fine Arts Academy of Turin

"Donating for Villa Verdi is a pride because we could say that we have contributed to the restoration of such an important piece of history for Italy and the whole world"

- Nicola Alaimo, Baritone

"Let's help this beautiful Villa in whose garden Verdi was certainly inspired while composing Libiamo nei lieti calici"

- Lamberto Vallarino Gancia, President of the Turin Stable Theater

"Culture is an essential asset for every country, and Verdi is linked to the cultural beauty of Italy that the world can admires"

- Enrica Acuto Jacobacci, expert in Italian excellence protection

"One of the priceless treasures of our Italy, today needs us"

- Fabio Armiliato, Tenor

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